It is with great pride that Mazsport Garment Manufacturing – MGM Inc. announces the acquisition of Shoot Suit Inc. One of the leaders in the reusable paint suit coveralls and accessories industry. Shoot Suit has been manufacturing for the automotive painters, as well as, RV, boat, bus and truck manufacturing paint booths, since it’s founding in 1988 by Larry Kopkie. With our combined expertise we have now formed the single most dynamic manufacturing and distributing company in North America producing top line quality reusable and disposable paint suit coveralls . We can now assert our position as the leader in this industrial protective coverall industry.


MGM Inc. has been in the garment industry for almost a half a century and are now producing private label garments for some of the largest names in our industry. We boast a technical team with countless years of experience in the field. All our products are designed and tested in our North American facilities, as well as live in the field testing. All our facilities are supervised by our expertly quality control teams. All our products are distributed through either our USA distribution center in Plattsburgh New York or from our Canadian distribution center in Montreal.


MGM Inc. promises to continue our research and development of new innovative products while keeping our patented comfort and fit designs. We will continue to do countless hours of field testing of our products and fabrics. We are renowned for our customer satisfaction and providing the ultimate customer service through open communications, and now more than ever promise not to lower our A1 standards.