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#4050 Seat Protector
Introducing Our "NEW" Seat Protector

  • Protect seats from stains & debris.
  • Large size protects sides & front of seat.
  • Heavy Duty vinyl coated fabric.
  • Water & oil resistant.
  • Easy on & off installation.
  • Pocket on back slides over seat back or headrest.
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • Wipe down or machine wash.
  • Handy hang-up loop.
  • Keep seats clean if you're dirty.
  • Easy clean-up from dirty, wet, muddy, shedding pets.
  • Shelter yourself from rain with top pocket if walking for help.
  • Protects seats from child car seat wear.
  • Easy clean-up of children's mess's.
  • Protect the back of your seats from children's feet.
  • Keeps dust and dirt off seats while off roading.
  • Excellent for roadside maintenance or installing tire chains.
  • Protect clothing during emergency roadside repairs.
  • Can be used like a fender cover.
  • Could be used as survival blanket.
  • Protect your SUV rear carpet.
  • Use to protect boat seats from the sun.
  • Use to protect boat carpet from dirt or slimy fish.