Shoot Suit Wheel Covers (Maskers) & Knives
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2000 Series

2300 Rich Evans Series

2500 Series Basic

3500 Series HHL



2800 Series Prep Jacket

3000 Series Boots

Nitrile Gloves

4020 Series Tire Covers


4050 Seat Protector

5100 Series Apron

5500 Spray Socks

5750 Knee Pads

5800 Dent Puller

5900 Pin Clamp

6400 Air Vest


Detro Manufacturing

R&H Products

High quality .420 surgical
Stainless blade. Thumb-notched
Locking blade for 1 handed Operation.
Heavy duty steel Pocket clip.

Nylon covers don't have wires to catch in
exhaust grates or snag on air hose. No wires
make the covers machine washable, fast &
easy to get on & off. While the covers are cut
large enough for passenger cars & most light
pickup tires (up to approx.235-15) the elastic
will still pull them snug on smaller tires.
Mask & Unmask tires in a SNAP.

PART# 4020 - Automotive Tires
PART# 4030 - Semi Truck Tires
PART# 4040 - Dual Semi Truck Tires